Al-Ashbal Program


Mission Statement: A Comprehensive Educational Program to build a strong, united collaborative effort in the community without discrimination


The Al-Ashbal program provides Islamic education and Builds Islamic character by providing specific programs for each age group that promote good health, good manners, youth collaborative community service, Leadership, and better family structure.

We hope to create an environment where our children are free to express their Islamic beliefs and can build bonds with other Students in the program outside the Masjid.

We hope to bring families back to the Masjid and promote feelings of community without discrimination.

Showcase the talents of youth and make a comprehensive program for the entire family

Overview of Programs

Al-Ashbal: Ages 4-12
(Build Character & Islamic Learning)
45 students
Youth: Classes/ staff volunteer 
(Build Leadership and Community service)
Sisters Halaqa and Education
(Education and better family structures)
Additional Programs
Year-Long Educational school Program (all ages)


Sister Ruqia (Teacher and Program coordinator)