“Every soul has to experience the taste of death. We test you with both hardships and blessings. In the end you will all return to Us.” (21:35)


MMCC Services at a glance:

MMCC offers all the necessary services associated with taking care of a deceased person:

  • Required licenses and certificates
  • Body pickup and transportation
  • Ghusl (washing of the body) – at an Islamic Mortuary or a
  • commercial Mortuary dedicated for Muslims. Family members of the deceased are
  • encouraged to perform the Ghusl. MMCC volunteers help and provide training as
  • needed.
  • Kafan (shroud)
  • Burial – MMCC will arrange for burial as soon as possible in a Muslim cemetery of the family’s choice. The body is laid to rest without a casket facing towards to Holy Ka’ba.

Optional Services:

  • Hearse and/or limousine service
  • Escorts for family of the deceased
  • Body preparation for burial in MMCC facilities for individuals or organizations


Dr. Atiq Siddiqi

Phone: (909) 625-7759

Email: AtiqSidiqi@aol.com